Simple solution to traffic woes

Glen Proctor on board his water taxi. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

Would you catch a water taxi to work?

That’s what local ferryman Glen Proctor wants to find out from Omokoroa residents.

He’s one himself, so he’s seen first-hand the tremendous snarl-up that is State Highway 2 heading into Tauranga in the mornings.

“I hate going to town because of the traffic,” he says – a sentiment shared by many in that neck of the woods.

Glen operates the barge to Matakana Island, but he also has a water taxi that isn’t getting much use at the moment. He thinks it would be perfect for doing a run between the Omokoroa Boat Club and The Strand, morning and afternoon, from Monday to Friday.

“It can take 40 people and do 20-25 knots,” says Glen. “The trip would probably take around 30-35 minutes. But we could go in all weather.”

He’s already been in talks with Tauranga City Council and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council about trialling a similar service between Tauranga and the Mount, to help ease parking pressure on the CBD.

“But I thought going between Omokoroa and Tauranga would be more suitable for the water taxi. There is a need for one – there’s traffic backed up all the time.”

The idea has been shared on the Omokoroa Facebook page, and already the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

At the moment the idea is still in its early stages, but the more support Glen can get the better. Expressions of interest should be communicated by phone to Glen 027 548 1795, or via email