Recognising local legends

Local Legends Chris and Pam Walters, with the firefighter contingent of Advanced Aviation Services Ltd, who nominated them.


This is your chance to win $5000 for your community club!

During the nationwide lockdown, Tauranga Crossing told the stories of their own legends who were committed to ensuring essential community needs were met during one of the strangest times in New Zealand’s history.

Kiwis are a unique bunch and during times like these the true Kiwi spirit comes out. There is less ‘she’ll be right’ and more, ‘are you right?’.

People started sending Tauranga Crossing stories about other legends that were going above and beyond in their bubbles. This inspired them to gift a total of $10,000 to other legends in the community.

From the amount of nominations received it soon became clear that there was a lot more to be celebrated, and so Local Legends was born.

Most Kiwis are involved with a community club or team that could use a hand. Each quarter, Tauranga Crossing will surprise a local Bay of Plenty group with a $5000 grant to help them carry on doing what they love. Local Legends is about celebrating all the wonderful things that community groups do in the Bay of Plenty. Whether groups need help raising funds to knit jerseys for penguins, to getting new uniforms for their sports team, nominations of any kind are encouraged.

The first $5000 Local Legend grant will be awarded later this month on June 30, 2020.

For more information and to nominate your community club or team visit:

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