Waste free fashion takes to Tauranga runway

Miss Fuschia Fashionista Nadine McLaughlin at the 2018 Sustainable Art Challenge.

Have you always wanted to enter a wearable art challenge? Think you can turn trash into fash?

This year a waste free runway will feature three fashion shows including one by local designer Cirkel Life; and the new Sustainable Wearable Art Challenge will have a more adult focus with Envirohub and ReMaker Space providing the trash in individual bags for each contestant.

“The contestants must use up to 75 per cent of the bag's contents but can also source their own trash,” says Envirohub projects manager Liesel Carnie. “The bags consist of items such as shirts from companies which have rebranded and no longer stock the old logo uniform, scrap material, tote bags with old brands, wool insulation from food delivery companies and much more.

“Each piece of trash has been selected to tell a story and raise awareness about the unnecessary amount of fashion waste the world creates. This competition is much stricter and everything they use to create their garment must be trash.”

Envirohub has partnered with the Remaker Space to deliver the new Sustainable Wearable Art Challenge.

“We also had a few passionate students who still wanted to enter the old competition despite us cancelling it due to COVID-19.”

Due to the level of interest shown, the organisers have decided to also run the old format competition where contestants, who consist mostly of children, choose their own trash.

The new show will be judged by a panel of guest judges including local fashion designer Kerry Funnell; previous Sustainable Art Challenge winner for 2016, 2017 and 2018 Hope Gibbard; recent fashion graduate Lydia Paine; and Mary Borman, owner of High St Boutique in Willow St.

The Sustainable Fashion Show will be held at the new ReMaker Space at Our Place on Friday, December 4, from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and includes the Cirkel Life Fashion Show, followed by the Sustainable Wearable Art Challenge Awards Ceremony.

To register for the challenge go to: www.envirohub.org.nz/sustainable-art-challenge

Registration costs $10. Entries must be completed by December 2.

Tickets to the Sustainable Fashion Show and Wearable Art Challenge Awards Ceremony can be purchased at: www.remakerspace.co.nz  

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