A hint of Lime for Tauranga streets

Hamish Gleeson.

Back in October, residents in Tauranga will have noticed the arrival of a new travel gadget to the streets. Lime scooters were suddenly all the rage.

However, many locals are unlikely to have given this novel way of getting around town a try. They might be confused as to how it works or have worries about safety.

Lime Day 2021 aims to dispel those myths.

At the base of Mt Drury Reserve in Mount Maunganui this Saturday, the public can get involved and give Lime scooters a try, perhaps for the first time.

Hamish Gleeson is the event organiser and is hoping the event will give those trepidatious potential riders yet to take the two-wheeled machines for a spin a chance to give it a go.

“We will have a whole bunch of Lime scooters lined up for people to hop on. People always see them and ask: ‘how do I ride it? What do I do? How hard is it?’

“It is really about showing people that it is as simple as just scanning the code on the scooter and basically just going for a ride.”

Tauranga City Council approved a 12-month trial of Lime scooters last October after an initial rollout in May was shelved due to Covid-19. At the time, the council stated that ‘providing communities with more ways to move around the city is a priority’.

Hamish himself is a Lime user and believes this green method of transportation can help Tauranga reduce its carbon footprint while also reducing troublesome traffic problems in and around the CBD.

“I personally love Lime scooters. When I heard they were coming last year I was super excited.

“Hopefully, in theory, it will drop down traffic in the city and help the environment while we are at it.”

The scooters will be in demo mode for those who want to give it a go whilst representatives from Lime will be present giving tips on how to stay safe whilst on board.

The Mount Festival of Multisport is on the same day so Hamish is encouraging people to enjoy the ‘chill vibes’ at Mt Drury as a perfect way to kill time whilst the action unfolds.

You might even decide to take a Lime back to watch the action.

Lime Day 2021 will run from 11am – 4pm at Mount Drury Reserve.

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