Community generosity results in seven prams

‘Avenues Sun Deliverer’s’ new all-terrain pushchair - one of the seven they had offers of.

A letter that ran on The Weekend Sun’s letters page last week has stirred up a flurry of kindness in the community.

‘Avenues Sun Deliverer’, who wishes to stay anonymous, was out delivering The Weekend Sun to the folks on 6th Ave two weeks ago when they found their delivery pram and suitcase had been stolen.

In an effort to be reunited with their delivery kit, they wrote a letter to The Weekend Sun appealing for the thieves to return the stolen goods – which also had the papers inside.

“My householders are entitled to their paper and your ‘freebie’ is needed to make that happen,” they wrote.

The paper went to print as normal and, slowly but surely, the calls and emails started coming in.

“I’ve got a pushchair under my house I would like to donate. It’s robust and I can deliver it,” said one.

“I’ve got one that was picked up from Waipuna Hospice that we don’t need, I can drop this off for the person in need,” added another. And they kept on coming.

“I’d like to buy the letter writer a new pram.”

“I’m wanting to donate $200 to the ‘Avenues Sun Deliverer’ for a new pram so they can keep delivering the paper.”

“I’ve got a spare pram I can donate!”

All-in-all, by Monday morning, The Weekend Sun offices had five offers to get the ‘Avenues Sun Deliverer’ back up and delivering the community newspaper.

We then received a call from ‘Avenues Sun Deliverer’ after emailing them the good news – and the news got better.

“I actually picked one up from a local op shop for $20,” they said.

“Then, I found out someone I knew had gone and got me an all-terrain model, which is perfect.”

That makes for seven prams.

“I can’t believe people’s generosity – I’m stoked.”

‘Avenues Sun Deliverer’ says they’re grateful people are still thinking of their local delivery person.

“We’re out there delivering papers, rain or shine, so it’s nice that people wanted to help.”

They say that, if you do happen to have a spare pram looking for a home, they’d love to see them donated to Graced Op Shop and Espresso Bar, which supports the running of the Pregnancy Choice Centre, on 11th Ave.

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