The future of mid-sized SUVs is here

The GWM Haval H6 is the perfect combination of simplicity and innovation.

If you’re in the market for mid-sized SUV, make sure to widen your net to include the GWM Haval H6.

The Haval H6 offers more than just a reliable ride but an innovative approach to medium-sized SUVs from top to bottom.

The Haval H6 uses a dynamic four-wheel drive system and two-speed dedicated hybrid transmission for impressive acceleration and power at low speeds and improved fuel economy at high speeds.

But, of course, a smooth drive can only take you so far. There must always be the safety to match. Fortunately, the Haval H6 petrol variants have a five-star ANCAP rating (2022), making it one of the safest cars in New Zealand.

Shaped by a team of world-class engineers, the Haval H6 is a fusion of Asian and European influences. The combination creates the perfect harmony of simplicity and innovation.

The angular headlamps and grill are a bold statement softened by elegant curves that seamlessly wrap around the vehicle. Before you even step inside, it’s obvious the Haval H6 is a masterpiece of modern engineering.

Apart from the jaw-dropping exterior, the interior of the Haval H6 is elevated and sophisticated. The comfort is unparalleled with power-adjusted, heated front seats, lumbar support and aerodynamic angles in the panels for more room while you drive.

Described as ‘a leap in SUV technology’, the Haval H6 includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Maps, parking assist and lane departure warnings, all from a crystal-clear touchscreen.

Backed with a five-year transferable warranty, the Haval H6 offers complete peace of mind – no matter where the road takes you.

To learn more, visit a GWM Haval dealer near you.



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