Harbour clean-up

Gwyn Brown of Tauranga Dive with some of the rubbish collected from previous dive clean-ups, including an old dive tank. Photo: Chris Callinan.

The seabed and beaches of Tauranga Harbour are in line for a spruce-up next Sunday, October 2.

The region’s divers are planning an underwater spring clean of Pilot Bay, thanks to the support of several clubs and organisations.

Gwyn Brown of Tauranga Dive says the October 2 clean-up will be mainly by divers from the Mount Underwater Club, Sons of Tangaroa Spearfish Club, and marine studies students from the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. “But everyone is welcome as we will also need people cleaning the beach and shallows.”

The Port of Tauranga is providing rubbish skips for debris, Tauranga Dive is supplying free air and spot prizes, and charity organisation Wish for Fish is fuelling the divers with a barbecue.

A briefing is planned for 8am on October 2 at the Pilot Bay boat ramp and it is hoped to have divers in the water at high tide, about 9am. Tauranga Dive will fill tanks before and after the dive, for free.

“We are aiming to remove as much of our fellow human beings’ mess from the bottom where it shouldn’t be, to the landfill, where it should be,” says Gwyn.

“We need volunteer divers willing to scour the sands for anything that shouldn’t be there and remove it.”

If enough divers take part, the clean-up may be extended to other areas of the harbour, such as The Strand and Town Reach.

Volunteers are asked to register their support on the ‘Tauranga Dive’ Facebook page this week or the event page.

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