Dive in and try synchro!

Shioban O'sullivan, Lorna Claydon and Tanzi Hume have been enjoying the Masters Synchro Group. Photo: supplied.

Mums are jumping in and becoming ‘masters’ in the pool – testing out their own abilities of grace and coordination!

Tauranga Artistic Swimming Club believe synchronised swimming isn’t just for the youngins but for the young at heart too.

That’s why the club has created their new Masters Synchro Group to give parents and adults a fun and safe space to try out this beautiful sport.

Head coach Suzie Riberio says the aim of the masters group is to learn the skills and techniques associated with artistic swimming, while having fun at the same time.

“As we get older we tend not to challenge ourselves or try new things, but the Masters Class is designed to give people the confidence to give things a go and encourage others to do the same.”

Suzie says the class has attracted mums whose children take part in synchro.

“It’s been really good because they see their daughters and children doing it, and now they’re doing it too.

“It’s just a bit of fun and the mums love it because it’s something that they never thought they would do. I’m a mum myself, so it’s great to see them doing something different.”

Tanzi Hume, who has a daughter who enjoys synchro swimming, has been loving the Master Class.

“It’s a great workout for the body and mind,” says Tanzi.

“It challenges me in new ways and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. It’s lots of good laughs too!”

Also giving her children’s sport a whirl is Lorna Claydon.

"What I love about masters synchro is the belly laughs and learning something totally new,” says Lorna.

“Suzie is a great masters coach. She starts with each of us where we are at.”

Suzie says anyone “20 something” and above is welcome to try out the class.

“Even if you don’t know about synchro, but ideally we say you have to be comfortable in the water and can swim 25 metres freestyle or any other stroke.”

The class is currently working towards performing a routine at the club’s Christmas Display on November 25.

“They’re a bit nervous, but I think they’re more excited!” says Suzie.

For more information, email Jess Briggs at: info.taurangasynchro@gmail.com

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