Truck show to fuel gynaecological cancer research

Josh Verity from Truck Works Mechanical in Mount Maunganui. Photo: John Borren.

Stellar trucks, cars and bikes in all shapes and sizes will be on show this June in an effort to raise funds for a cancer that isn’t often in the spotlight.

Josh Verity from Truck Works Mechanical in Mount Maunganui is hosting his very own truck, car and bike show on Saturday, June 29 with the support from Bryce Dinneen from C4 Events & Fundraising.

While this show will boast a range of vehicles for motorheads to check out, it will also rally funds for a good cause.

Josh has chosen to donate the event’s fundraising to Talk Peach – Gynaecological Cancer Foundation New Zealand.

“My sister has Stage 2B/3A serious ovarian cancer so I thought I would raise some money for the charity that is helping her,” says Josh. “

She’s been battling it for a long time.”

Tash Crosby founded Talk Peach after she too was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016.

“We are super grateful to Josh and this incredible fundraiser.

"These events open up conversation and raise much-needed funds to educate the public and support those diagnosed New Zealand-wide,” says Tash.

“It’s incredible because it’s usually women running fundraisers for it, so it was actually really nice to hear from some guys and also [fundraising with] trucks!”

There are five types of gynaecological cancer including ovarian, cervical, vulval, vaginal and uterine.

“One New Zealander dies every day from a gynae cancer,” says Tash.

She believes breast cancer awareness is a great example of how talking about previously unmentioned body parts can have lifesaving effects.

“Talking about your mammogram or your breasts is now socially okay.

"The goal is for chats around gynaecological cancers to be talked about too.

“[Gynae cancer] definitely doesn’t get as much air time as some of the other cancers.

"Anything that helps shine a light on it definitely makes a difference for us.”

Truck Works Mechanical’s event will be open to everyone and there will be a mix of eateries, coffee, live entertainment and more to enjoy.

Truck Works Mechanical’s event will showcase a mix of trucks, cars and bikes. Photo: supplied.

“We will also be running auctions and raffles throughout the day,” says Josh.

There will also be a range of awards for vehicles on display.

Get along to Truck Work Mechanical at 28/32 MacDonald St on Saturday, June 29, join the fun and support the cause. Donation entry.

For more information visit:

To learn about Talk Peach vist:

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