Remember the Battle of Crete

Suda Bay War Cemetery in Crete, a resting place to NZ, Australian and British soldiers of WWII.

The New Zealand Battle of Crete Association will host their annual commemorative service to honour the 83rd anniversary of the May 1941 battle.

NZBCA invites all Cretan, Greek, veterans, family members and the public to gather to remember those who fought in the battle and who were held prisoner at Mount Maunganui RSA this Sunday, May 19 at 10:30am.

Stewart Gradon, whose dad Driver JR Gradon was one of the 2080 NZ soldiers captured and taken prisoner in Crete, will attend.

“He ended up surviving the rest of the war as a prisoner,” says Stewart.

“It took its toll because he was sick most of his life until he died [age 54], as a result of starvation, malnutrition etc.”

Stewart says like many returned soldiers, his dad never spoke about his involvement in the war.

But Stewart is looking forward to Sunday’s gathering.

“I always will learn something new every time we have a meeting.”

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