City Life

Bus-ting out to keep people safe

  Public safety for both the passengers and drivers of Tauranga buses has been an important focus over the Christmas and New Year summer period.   The... Read More

Tale of a tense future

Within the mind of one of Tauranga’s senior managers is a world beyond our own.   Science fiction, advanced technology, futuristic concepts... Read More

Face to face exploring art ideas

    Supporting indigenous artists across the Western Bay of Plenty will be the focus of two creative arts workshops over the next month. Creative... Read More

A hint of Lime for Tauranga streets

  Back in October, residents in Tauranga will have noticed the arrival of a new travel gadget to the streets. Lime scooters were suddenly all the... Read More

Trashing the new rubbish collection

  The new ‘one size fits all’ approach to rubbish collection in Tauranga continues to be slated by residents, especially seniors.   From... Read More

Education with a rugby flavour

  ‘Learn by doing’ is the motto as Bay of Plenty Rugby and Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology combine to deliver a new course in Tauranga... Read More

Learning about Tauranga’s past

  For those who have wondered about the early days of Tauranga, there are two highly informative nights planned this month.   The Battle... Read More

A century of service

  Increased fragility has dashed Les Marsh’s plan to celebrate his centenary by climbing Mauao, but he’s not letting that dampen his... Read More

Karaka tree berries fatal to dogs

  A Tauranga vet is warning people about the dangers of karaka berries after a family lost their dog recently.   The dog ate berries from... Read More

Sweet ride for community patrollers

  A new fit-for-purpose community patrol car with all the bells and whistles has been coasting through the alleys and roads around Tauranga South... Read More

Reigning in animal abuse

  From discovering skeletons of horses that died still tied to their posts, to horses being beaten, suffering rope burns, fractures and neglect,... Read More