Tastefully teasing in Tauranga

David Balassa and the Sydney Hotshots are coming to Tauranga on November 28.

David Balassa is a true gentlemen. He just wants to make the ladies smile. But his desire to please often gets him into trouble.

The 35-year-old is a male entertainer and, unsurprisingly, husbands and boyfriends can’t help but feel jealous when their ladies are swooning over his abs.

“One time I brought an older lady up on stage and her husband was there,” says David. “He came up and wanted to box me old school style. He thought I was taking his wife away. But he ended up getting a big round of applause.”

David will be in Tauranga with the Sydney Hotshots for a night he promises to be the ultimate ladies’ night out.

Channing Tatum, Joe Manganeillo, and Matthew McConaughey made the ladies blush in the hit film ‘Magic Mike’. Now it’s the Sydney Hotshots turn to tastefully tease at Tauranga RSA on November 28.

“Basically we just give the girls what they want,” says David. “It’s their time to kick back and relax, and have a girls’ night. There’s a lot of Hen’s nights and birthdays, so we make sure their night is very special.”

David is the MC. “My job is to see the girls have a bit of a laugh and get exactly what they want.”

And it’s the men, the women want.

“The boys are really good,” says David. “We’ve got a young guy who can dance exactly like Magic Mike, and we’ve got a model from London who’s in the show at the moment.

“We do characters. We’ve got a commando guy, an officer and a gentleman, a London police man, and an old 1940s gangster.”

Audiences can expect the perfect balance of sex appeal and tasteful teasing, says David. “Ages 18 to 88 can come along to our show.

“There’s a bit of comedy in the show too, we’re always having a bit of a laugh.”

There’s the to-be-expected wardrobe malfunctions, missing props, collapsing chairs and tables, as well as the unexpected nudity.

“One of the guys was quite new and he wasn’t prepared for when one of the girls pulled his G-string down. He didn’t mind though.”

David says the men are liking New Zealand so far and are looking forward to the rest of the nationwide tour, which concludes in Wellington on December 6.

The big question is though, are they single? “We’re all 100 per cent single,” admits David.

The Sydney Hotshots perform at Tauranga RSA on Saturday, November 28, from 7.30pm. Tickets cost $35 from www.eventfinda.co.nz

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