Stay safe this summer

It’s that time of year when we let our hair down and celebrate the summer break, and Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Services is encouraging people to stay safe this festive season.

Before going out for a night on the town, eat a nutritious meal and ensure you have credit and charged batteries on your mobile phone.

Only bring items you actually need out with you. Arrange safe transport to and from the venue.

If going out with trusted friends, go home with trusted friends. Keep to well-lit public areas and never walk alone at night.

Tell friends if you are leaving a venue and with whom. Do a selfie with them on a friend’s phone or take a picture of their licence plate. Never leave with someone you have just met.

Be aware of your drinks. Try to alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks. Never accept a drink from a stranger or new acquaintance.

Hold your drink in your hand, throw it away if you lose clear sight of it, for even a couple of       minutes. Get a fresh drink to avoid any chance of ‘spiking’.

Don’t drink and drive, or get into a car where the driver may have been drinking and take care of friends if they have had too much to drink.

Should you experience unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault, BOPSASS can support you. They have a 24/7 confidential service for a counsellor and/or medical support.

For more information, Freephone 0800 2bsafe/0800 227 233.

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