Rugby’s fitness union

Papamoa Rugby Club junior rugby coach Luke O’Sullivan is the brains behind PapFIT, a free eight-week programme to get the community moving.

Papamoa Rugby Club is launching a boot camp this month in an effort to boost club membership.

The club is banding together with local fitness businesses to deliver eight-week programme PapFIT for community members over the age of 16.

Junior rugby coach Luke O’Sullivan says each week there will be a “different trainer from a different type of fitness”.

“I want trainers to come from their field of expertise and deliver it in a rugby setting with rugby relevance,” says Luke.

Workouts will include wrestling, jujitsu, CrossFit, ZUU, mobility training and HIIT.

It's also an opportunity for the rugby club coaches to learn from trainers of various fitness fields, Luke says.

"When it comes to fitness participation, rugby is getting beaten by many of these other businesses.

"I wanted to work out how they are delivering a product to the community that everybody is lapping up, and figure out why rugby is falling behind a bit."

The boot camp is open to past rugby players, present players and those who have never picked up a ball.

"We want as many people showing up as possible. It's also a great way for people who have just moved here to meet new faces."

Luke hopes that the boot camp will help create a women's team at the club.

"I would love to have a club where men and women's teams are completely equal, training together and everything.

“There’s a great culture at this club, and I want to build on that and make something of Papamoa.

“Players here shouldn’t have to travel to the Mount, Te Puke or Tauranga to play rugby.”

Papamoa Rugby Committee spokesperson Julia Manktelow says this year they have fresh new faces on the management team alongside years of knowledge.

"Expect to see a strong community presence and proud club culture as we use the committee's expertise to freshen up the playing field," she says.

She also encourages the Papamoa community to the club’s open day on Saturday, February 1.

“Bring the family down for free activities for kiddies, a free barbecue, player info and a taste of how we plan to put Pap back on the map.”

PapFIT starts on Monday, January 13. It runs from 6pm-7pm at Gordon Spratt Reserve.

For more information, visit Papamoa Rugby Club Facebook page or email:

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