Revaluing, remaking and repurposing

Jackie and John Paine. Photo: John Borren.

A new initiative that revalues items seen as waste and creates a community of ‘remakers’ is being launched on Saturday.

John and Jackie Paine, co-founders of Food Rescue for Good Neighbour, are behind the Re:Maker concept and want the space to become a hub of sustainability at Our Place in Willow St.

“We’re trying to create a community of remakers to revalue things that have been seen as waste, such as textiles, wood and paint,” says Jackie.

The couple also plan to run public workshops and will have people working at Re:Maker on different innovative projects.

“Sixty to sixty-five per cent of what goes into our landfill in Tauranga could be either repurposed, revalued or recycled. A lot of that waste is waste from building. We’re trying to engage the whole community.”

There are already six people working half of every week on different projects.

“A couple are doing woodwork projects, three doing textile projects and a couple working on cleaning and body products.”

Workshops will include a fibre artist using textiles, a fashion designer teaching mending and converting men’s business shirts into women’s blouses; and workshops on paper pulp, body butters, lip balms, candlemaking, woodworking, natural cleaning products and composting.

Jackie and John had pitched to the Tauranga City Council Draft Annual Plan for 2020/2021 around reactivating half of Our Place.

“They gave us funding for a year to contribute to operating costs and to set up a social enterprise in 15 containers at Our Place to repurpose waste destined for landfill.

“With the food and beverage places continuing on, this makes Our Place an amazing function place because people can come down, get food and drink, do workshops, run corporate events, Christmas functions or birthday parties which can include workshops in that plan.

“It will also be an educational space around how people can revalue some of their things at home.”

Jackie says Envirohub will also be at the opening launch on Saturday.

“They will be doing a workshop on beeswax wraps. There’s also a container which will be about living better in your own home which Envirohub will be partnering with us on.”

Future plans include musical and theatre events using the central stage.

The launch on Saturday will include plenty of activities, with Rising Tide, food outlets and live music continuing on until 10pm.

Re:Maker will be holding workshops with the goal of being fully operational by November.

The launch of Re:Maker will be Saturday, September 26 from 10am – 2pm.

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