Seeing the benefits of phone-less days

Talking Politics
with Sam Uffindell, Tauranga MP

On Monday, the National-led Government’s ‘phones away for the day’ policy came into effect in schools across New Zealand.

Many schools began to implement this policy last term and already we are receiving significant positive feedback from teachers and students alike.

Schools are reporting students have improved concentration and are performing better academically, with some estimating improved academic results of 15-20 per cent!

Outside the classroom, numerous schools report noise levels have increased substantially as students engage in much more face-to-face conversation and are outside playing games like touch rugby, cards or handball. Reports of cyberbullying have reduced.

Principals report being stunned at the positive outcomes seen so far. One principal said this is the most important thing they’ve done in 20 years.

The evidence is clear – in NZ and overseas – schools that have banned cellphone use report better concentration and engagement in class and have seen an improvement in achievement and wellbeing.  

We’re putting ambition, achievement and outcomes at the heart of our education system. We want every child to be inspired and engaged in their learning so they can achieve to the best of their ability and gain skills and qualifications that will support them into further study and employment.

Children and young people at school today are NZ’s future.

Receiving a world-leading education not only sets children up for success, it sets NZ up for success – economically and socially.

Keeping phones away for the day is just another step to making this ambition a reality.

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