Mount Hot Pools splash out for summer

Kimmy Ron and son August enjoying their weekly dip at the Mount Hot Pools. Photo: John Borren.

Swimmers who normally soak in the serenity of the Mount Hot Pools will have to find other pools to whet their appetite for a while.

The Mount pools are closing for scheduled maintenance and a facade upgrade on January 25 for 10 weeks.

Mount local Kimmy Ron takes her one-year-old son August there once a week to make the most of heated pools that are outside. 

She enjoys the more relaxed atmosphere as opposed to the busyness of other pools and August loves splashing in the dedicated children’s pool. 

Kimmy and August will likely head to Baywave during the closure.

Oceanbeach Rd resident Rod Frank will use Baywave or Fernland Spa while the pools are closed. He uses the Mount Hot Pools three times a week for exercise.

His visits started a just over a year ago as rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery and although it feels like he never had the surgery, he’s kept up his water walking and swims.

“That hip was giving me real havoc and I was so thrilled that after the operation it came right. Why not maintain it?”

Rod jokes that the salt water might make his false joint rusty with the amount of time he spends in the pools.

The 75-year-old enjoys the exercise, but as he laughs and chats to other regulars you can see it’s not just the workout that keeps him coming back.

The new facade will include illuminated signage, seating, a Pou and a segment of palisade fencing to acknowledge the cultural significance of the land.


During the 10-week closure all the pools will be emptied and maintained, the children’s pool resurfaced, more shade added to some areas, the plant room, bore and pool pumps will be serviced.

Pipes to the pools will also be replaced after the discovery of leaks, this will require the concrete to be lifted then re-laid.

The leaks mean potentially colder pools in winter so it is important the work is carried out says Mount Hot Pools manager Matthew Strange.

He says they’re very blessed to use ocean water in the pools and geo-thermal water to heat them.  

“We're trying to be as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible.

“We want to respect the natural resources that we’re given.”

The pools are closed for maintenance every three to four years and it has been four years since the last closure.

February and March were chosen for the closure because they are the quietest, patronage is 40 per cent less than the winter months.

“It is going to keep the complex going well into the future and at a higher quality,” says Matthew.

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