One pot, two pot, big pot...

One pot, two pots, big pots, small pots – Grower Direct now has the “biggest range of some of the biggest pots you’ll ever see” at their Te Puna store with the launch of a new business.

Pots Direct is a direct importing company for one-off handmade pottery running hand-in-hand with Grower Direct.

“Pots Direct has just landed its first big shipment,” says Grower Direct owner Paul Nielsen. “Sixty tonnes of pottery.

“We’ve got the biggest range and some of the biggest pots you’ll ever see, all handmade from Vietnam. We’re sourcing it direct out of the kilns.”

Paul says sourcing direct from Vietnam means not only are customers getting really unique pots – “some of them nearly as tall as me” – but it’s also very cost effective and affordable.

“Further down the track, we’re going to start building customised ranges like a Tuscany range or a Balinese range. We’ll be travelling back to Vietnam in January to source some very specific ranges.”

Pots Direct has everything from plant pots to large one-off urns and jars – and some that can be used as water features priced from $5 to $500.

On September 18, the Te Puna centre is hosting yet another fun, free family event, with the usual free barbecue and taste some of the company’s famous homemade chillies and chutneys, all made with ingredients on-site.

Paul invites families to visit the centre for a free spring barbecue, as well as be inspired by the exciting new range of spring vegetable plants.

“Now’s a fantastic time for all your strawberry plants, and if you’ve got sheltered gardens it’s a good time for tomatoes.”

There’s also Growers Direct’s range of ‘space-saver’ vegies.

“We’ve got a lot of really high performing vegetables that are designed for small gardens, including mini pumpkins, bush cucumbers and tomatoes.”

The annual spring event is on Sunday, September 18, from 10am-2pm, with spring specials available all weekend.

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