Wearing is caring

Tammy McLaughlin with Kaly, two years, nine months, Cat Jenkins with Dominic, six weeks, Rochelle O’Callaghan with Katie, 19 months, and Tracey Valentine with Amelia, 19 months. Photo: Tracy Hardy.

A group of Tauranga mums are getting together to share the knowledge about safe babywearing practices.

Babywearing Tauranga holds monthly workshops to demonstrate the correct positioning of carrying a baby, either on your front or on your back.

Member Cat Jenkins says there are many benefits to babywearing.

“Mums can be hands free so they can get stuff done or look after other children. It helps develop an attachment with baby and babies are more settled as in upright position. “It is also good for weight-loss as mums are carrying the weight of an infant while moving around.”

With the week of October 2-11 being Babywearing week, the group is holding eight events.

“We will have a walk round The Mount, play at Carmichael Park and a walk around Te Puna Quarry Park, basically enjoying all the good things our local community has on offer,” says Cat.

“We also have some donated prizes to giveaway.”

For more information, go to Facebook and search for Babywearing Tauranga to check out the group’s page.

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