No strangers to success

Brother and sister duo Amy and Liam Duncanson.

Being the best at something is a good feeling. Winning is even better.

But Amy and Liam Duncanson have done that and more – 41 times more.

Yes, the Tauranga brother and sister team won 41 first place awards at the recent NZ Open One Dance Championships, along with nine second places and four third places.

“I myself have been a dancer for practically my whole life, just not ballroom. I did things like ballet at a young age, but to get my brother along we literally had to drag him because I needed a partner for the ballroom lessons,” says Amy.

“And I guess we didn’t expect him to stick to them.”

The duo have been dancing together for about four years with Sonya and Hugh Hodgson from Supreme Dance Tauranga and Amy says this was their best competition.

“This is our biggest win so far – by quite a long shot.”

“We knew we’d done pretty well so we thought it would be about half that, but normally at a competition there isn’t even that many events, so it was a bit of a shock.”

The dancing has helped improve aspects of their lives other than dancing, says Amy.

“Yeah our relationship has probably gotten better, it’s something that we’ve connected and bonded over.”

But don‘t be mistaken. They train hard, with four to six nights a week set aside, one to two hours a session, practicing their Ballroom, New Vogue and Latin American dancing.

“It’s a lot more physical than you would expect it to be.”