Isabella’s learning the lingo

Italian migrant Isabella Saba.

Does the idea of having to give a speech send shivers down your spine?
You are not alone, but if you are a migrant and English is not your first language, it is even more challenging.

Multicultural Tauranga’s Professional Speaking for Migrants course, developed by Speech New Zealand, gives students the confidence and skills to be a captivating speaker at job interviews, social situations and business events.

Italian migrant Isabella Saba, who moved to New Zealand three years ago, says she signed up to the course because she wanted to improve her English as well as become more confident speaking in public.

“It is already difficult to speak in public in your own language, but having to talk in your second language is more challenging,” admits Isabella.

She says during the course she has learnt the importance of tone when speaking and body language, such as gestures and movement.

“I found that Kiwis speak more flat. For us Italians, we are normally very expressive and animated with our hands. Our voices are quite loud, so I have to remember that.”

The SpeechNZ certificate course runs over 10 weeks, one evening per week. People will learn topics like speech and audience dynamics, active listening, pronunciation, idioms and slang and confidence building techniques.

“Every immigrant should do this course,” says Isabella, “because it can help you find a job that you want, allow you to be more confident speaking in public and also you will meet very nice people from all over the world.”

For more information on Professional Speaking for Migrants go to: or call: 07 571 6419.

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